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A New Program

Kara Fit Lab focuses on utilizing the concept of decreasing unwanted fat before achieving appropriate muscle weight.

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Philosophy of the program    
  The approach to this training method is based on the philosophy and knowledge of martial arts that has been accumulated over many centuries, where athletes are primed and conditioned to have a lean and athletic built that enables them to perform at an optimal level. Do not worry, these exercises are adapted to fit any individual’s level of experience in fitness training, whether you are a novice or advanced. This particular training is especially beneficial for individuals with muscle stiffness or joint pain, as we work on conditioning your muscles and straightening your joints so that your body functions and moves in a symmetrical and flexible way.


About Us

This training is led by Hamid Tarighatbin, with over 20 years of experience in martial arts, personal training and coaching at national and Olympic level, helping hundreds of students and clients reach their goals. Our group of professional instructors are dedicated and eager to work with you to help you meet your personal fitness needs in a productive and enjoyable manner. For any questions please feel free to reach us at ……..!