What People Say

"When my daughter's school teacher told me how great my daughter was at school with "Respect", "Paying attention", "Self-discipline", & "strong body and mind", I knew that all of these were taught by Sensei Hamid at his classes. Sometimes, she trains so hard, her face gets red like a tomato, and of course, as a mommy, I ask her if she wants to skip the next class to get rest. The answer is always..."Nope!! I am coming back." with her thumbs up. AMAZING!!!"
- Jean J.

"Taking up karate with Hamid at Tiger's Eye karate-do 3 years ago has literally changed my life. I'm in the best physical shape I've ever been in and I also have more confidence and stamina. I also love the camaraderie of my fellow students. Hamid truly cares about all of his students, from young children to adults. I would recommend Tiger's Eye to anyone looking for both physical fitness and personal growth."
- Centenie N.

"What started as a search for a sport my wife and I could enjoy together has turned into something much more. I have attended Tiger's Eye Karate for over three years now, and am very glad I enrolled. Hamid offers a great mix of theory and practical work. I have been involved in a number of other martial arts over the years, including boxing and fencing, but as I age I can see the appeal of karate to an older person. The force of the combat techniques is balanced by the grace of the kata forms, and the overall fitness will always be useful."
- Nathan N.

"I joined Tiger's eye karate-do 2 years ago, after watching my daughter's classes with Sensei Hamid for several months. His class was not just about doing exercise. The right way of doing exercise without damaging your body, and having fun during each class are the reasons why I love about Sensei Hamid's classes so much. The classes are not easy. One hour class makes me sweat, and giving me lots of muscle aches...., but the most important thing is... I feel much better after class. My muscle tone?? Better than ever!!!"
- Jean J.

"My son has been under the excellent guidance and instruction of Sensei Hamid and Sensei Hana for 2 years now, and has gained focus, confidence, a positive attitude, and respect, not to mention a tremendous knowledge of martial arts skills and safety awareness/self-defense skills.....all while having so much fun!! I also joined Tigers Eye Karate and I am also benefiting from exercise, martial arts knowledge and training, and having a great time while doing it! Tigers Eye Karate has been a great addition to our family life, all thanks to the hard work and dedication of its owners/instructors Hamid and Hana."
- Julie T.

"Attending Tiger's Eye Karate-Do for all of these years has been an amazing experience. I have made countless connections with people during training and competition. My confidence in my ability to defend myself is always growing. Training has kept me in good shape. Also, I always have a good time at practice."
- Alex P.

"My grandson has been taking karate lessons for the past few months and he really likes it. Hamid is a great instructor in teaching life skills and is able to keep the attention of young playful boys. I am looking forward to my grandson advancing in his karate lessons."
- Leigh H.