Ava Noori

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I was taught by Sensei Hamid’s blackbelt students, Fernando, Alexander, and Maria. Soon after receiving my blue belt, Sensei Hana and Sensei Hamid persuaded me into considering to compete.

This decision has benefited my life in countless ways and has had such a grand impact on who I am today.

The countless relationships and friendships that have been formed throughout these years have become an integral part of my life, that I simply could not live without.

I have competed provincially, nationally, and internationally; these competitions have led to unforgettable memories and boatloads of knowledge, that I can not only implement in karate but also my day to day life.

I have acquired a great deal of skills throughout these seven years which include: strength, fitness, discipline, confidence, and courage.

I have been presented so many opportunities because of karate; such as, travelling to attend competitions, attending seminars lead by world champions, and attending refereeing clinics to earn my certification. Furthermore, many leadership positions have been offered to me throughout the years, which have helped me develop strong communication skills, particularly with younger children.

The impact karate has had on my life is immeasurable; and I can thank Tiger’s Eye Karate-Do, Sensei Hamid, Sensei Hana, and everyone I’ve met during these years for helping me become who I am today.